To make client's intellectual property to be valid right for business and

to gain client's trust on us as a business partner,

we will make the most efforts.


To utilize advanced science and technology and to respond appropriately to the change of Patent Law altered,

we study hard on the basis of experience of R&D and management.


This HP is opened by a patent attorney's Office having quite a bit of experience. And it will be renewed step by step .

His background is described on the sheet of Personal history.

On the WEB of 8th December of MITI described were points of PATENT SYSTEM issues.
This is the report of the private workshop of the Commissioner of Patent Office. This workshop was opened in January this year. And this issue was discussed 9 times. We are interested in the future.

Mr.Mihara heard from the Chief Judge of the IP High Court on 13th January 2010.